1203Remove Viruses From Your Computer Forever!

With this little technique, you can shield your computer from viruses forever. No need to keep anti-virus programs, they are so resource-consuming and high-priced. Also, anti-virus programs cannot detect virus variants. If a programmer modifies existing virus a little bit, anti-virus is fooled.
My opinion, viruses cannot be detected and removed. Once in a while, they do infect your computer. But with my vaccine, you will never get infected from viruses, and you can have the luxury of having more RAM for your applications, since you don't need an anti-virus software.
When a virus enters your computer, there is no way to remove it, unless you know what areas that affects your computer, and what form of startup method it has deployed! Though sometimes you believe you have removed it, there may still be some traces of it, and may again get triggered with some programs.
So, they must be stopped from entering your computer! Or, even they exist, they should not have the privilege for execution. Unless the virus is executed, it is harmless. Virus is a virus only if it infects your files. Otherwise they are like prisoners in your computer, trying to get out and infect, but helpless.
Right then, we are going to stop virus from entering computer and even if they enter, make them non-executable, totally harmless, no matter how new the virus is, no matter the anti-virus shows them CLEAN!

Create a local user say 'test', apart from any administrator accounts. Always use programs from this user. You might say, I often have to install programs and even run programs that need administrator privilege. No problem. To run programs with administator privilege sitting in local user, you can SHIFT + Right Click on the program, and click RUN AS. And if that doesn't solve the problem, you can do anything with administrator command prompt. C:/>runas /user:administrator cmd. You will have the command prompt with administrative privilege.
With Run As method, you can access anything, any control panel applets as well.

If a virus doesn't affect the system, it is not at all a virus. With a local user, even if you execute the virus yourself, it can't enter WINDOWS folder. It can't edit the registry. It cannot do anything without administraor privilege. It remains there. You can manually delete it when you like.