1810Increase Icon Cache Size for Faster Response of Explorer Folders in Windows 8

If your Window Explorer is slow while opening file with many icon it may be due insufficient icon cache allocation . We can fix this problem using Registry Editor.

  • Press Windows Key + R and put 'regedit in Run dialog box. Click OK.
  • Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer
  • In the left pane of this location, create a new key by navigating Right Click -> New -> Key. Name this key as "Max Cached Icons". Make sure you’ve used spaces in between.
  • When you create the key in previous step, it will automatically create a Default string in the right pane of the key. Double click on that string to modify it. Put the Value data in this window as "4096".
  • That’s it. Close Registry Editor and reboot to get results. Please note that upon first boot, you’ll have slow boot as the system rebuilds Icon Cache database using regeneration principle. After first reboot, system would have fast response as it should be because we’ve already increased Icon Cache size affirmatively.