2010How to Block a Website for a Specific Time Period in Windows

Website is a collection of interconnected webpages containing content like audio, video, text, images, songs, movies etc. A webpage is a document written in a plain text intermixed with format of Hypertext Mark Up language(HTML).Webpages of the Website can usually be retrieved from a simple Uniform Resource Locator(URL)known as Web address. Website is stored on the webserver known as HTTP server.

There are too many reasons to block websites, one and the most common reason is that parents want to prevent their children from accessing harmful websites and to prevent them from spending their precious time on Social Networking Websites. Another reason is to prevent access to restricted content like hacking, youtube, etc., for specific time.

You can also block access to websites manually, but the software called FocalFilter saves you from the trouble of changing settings manually. It blocks the websites automatically for a particular time span. You just have to set the website name and time span for which you want to block the access. This software is for the windows operating system and after the completion of specified time access to blocked websites is revoked.

NOTE: To run the FocalFilter your computer must have Microsoft .NET Framework version 4 installed.

How To Block a Website For a Specific Time Period in Windows

  • Download and install the FocalFilter From Here.
  • Run FocalFilter, choose Edit my Site List tab then a new window will open.
  • Write the URL of the websites which you want to block then click Save tab.
  • Move the cursor to the drop down list next to label Block For then the list will show time ranging between 5 mins and 12 hrs. Select the desired time period from the list.
  • Choose Block my Site List to block the list of Websites.
  • After the completion of time period, a window popup. Click on the Close button to unblock the websites Blocked by FocalFilter.
  • To extend the block time click on Block Again label.

  • How to Unblock the Websites blocked by FocalFilter

  • To unblock Websites blocked by FocalFilter before the specific time period, Restart your computer.
  • After restart you will be greeted with FocalFilter Popup window. Click on OK button.

  • NOTE: Some security or antivirus software may stop FocalFilter from working; please let us know if you have problems of this type. Also, the site-blocking tool Cold Turkey may prevent FocalFilter from working.